“Highly recommend this service.”

Kai did a great job in location, accessing, removing and relocating the honey bee hives. The repair work that was performed was awesome. Very nice job on the drywall... better than the general contractors we have hired [previously].

— T.G. 
Captain Cook Elderly Housing

“I'm telling all my friends about the two of you & your expert beekeeping skills!”

Thank you very much! I certainly felt we (& the bees) were in good hands. Very interesting hearing about the rehab you'll do with the bees. Also appreciate all the communication; it's VERY helpful and professional.

— M.D. 
Waimea, Hawaiʻi


So stoked to see you guys blossom into such wonderful role models in beekeeping on Hawaiʻi island. Keep it up! 

— N.W.
Hawaiʻi Apiary Program


“Thank you for an amazing camp.”

My daughter loved it! She kept telling us all weekend to be careful of the pollinators. Your hard work really stuck with her. Her [bee love] sign is right out front where everyone can see it! Mahalo.

— H.T.
Hāwī, Hawaiʻi

“I learned so much about our precious bees!”

Mahalo for responding so quickly. Truly an honor to have met you folks. Learned so much about bees and your work in the brief time you spent removing/relocating a small swarm. Mahalo!

— K.M.
Ulu Mau Puanui



How was your Hoʻōla experience?

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