We are your local beekeeping ʻohana (family) from the Big Island of Hawaiʻi.

Hoʻōla started with a vision of Hawaiʻi and a world where our keiki (children) and nalo meli (honey bees) have a safe, clean, and healthy environment necessary to thrive.

We are passionate about saving bees and pride ourselves on honest, high quality workmanship & products with great attention to detail.

For us, HOʻŌLA is the constant strive to live a healthy & thriving lifestyle connected to nature.  

Our Mission 

to save

We save honey bees from extermination by offering live bee removal & relocation, repairs, and swarm catching on the Big Island of Hawaiʻi.

to heal

We provide safe, natural, and effective healing solutions for the entire family using raw local honey and pure Hawaiian beeswax.

to thrive

We support thriving communities by promoting pollinator protection & sharing our love for honey bees from a unique Hawaiian perspective. 


Our Story

After struggling through our first year as beekeepers, we were crushed when we eventually lost all of our hives due a variety of factors- lack of forage, weather conditions, pesticide contamination, destructive pests, and a limited knowledge of beekeeping.

From that moment on, we actively sought out every opportunity to learn and grow as beekeepers to figure out what went wrong. We researched and read. We reached out to connect with other beekeepers and farmers. We attended beekeeping classes, meetings, and conferences to expand our knowledge of bees. We started spreading the word to our friends and family about the impacts of pesticide use in our community.

As we became more informed and by witnessing the slow collapse of our bee colonies, we started to see our own family's health reflected in the health of the bees.


When our bees are protected from toxic pesticides, so are our keiki (children).

When our bees are flourishing, so is production on our local farms.

When our bees are thriving, so can we. 


We believe that with hard work and a conscious mindset, we can all work together to hoʻōla our honey bees for the well-being of our families now and for future generations.

Today, our expanding apiary in Kohala, Hawaiʻi is made up exclusively of hives that we have rescued from across the island. Our bees are happy and busy pollinating local farms & gardens while we couldn't be more excited for the positive impact and connections we are creating within our community.

Meet the Beekeepers

Born and raised in Waimea, Kai has been perfecting his skills in the carpentry industry for over 15 years. He worked for many years building high-end homes and can do everything in the building process from start to finish. He specializes in locating and accessing bee colonies for our live bee removals and performs all repair work. He believes that helping the bees is the most satisfying work he has ever done and a true investment in our future. 


Kailin grew up at Wāwāmalu a.k.a. Sandy Beach on Oʻahu and came to Hawaiʻi Island to attend University. Here she graduated with degrees in Hawaiian Studies & Agriculture and took her first introduction to beekeeping course. She has been fascinated with honey bees ever since and loves the constant learning that comes from working with them. She strives to promote responsible & sustainable beekeeping practices in our community.

youngest beekeeper at 2 years old

Our littlest beekeeper loves helping with the bees and has the best job as our official honey taster. He's already caught numerous swarms and he's the reason we do what we do.